Information on the use of cookies

  1. Similarly to other websites, uses cookies, which are tiny files that are transferred to your computer when you access a website. Cookies can store different kinds of information, including user information, and they serve to help make websites more user-friendly. For example, after a user’s first visit, they store individual settings such as preferred language, which can be helpful for certain online features (e.g., online shopping carts/baskets).
  2. The website of handles and stores the following information about the user and the browsing device: type of browser, IP address, date of visit, features of the operation system (e.g., location settings), and visited site or feature.
  3. Most browsers consent to cookies by default and automatically. In most cases you are able to modify this feature, and thus you can block the automatic consent. In this case, you will have the option to consent or not to consent cookies at each visit. However, we have to call to your attention that some functions or services might not work properly without cookies.
  4. Cookies used on the website are by themselves not able to identify the person visiting the website.
  5. Cookies used on the website of
    1. Cookies that are required for sessions (session cookies):
      These cookies allow users to browse the website and to smoothly use all of its functions. These cookies are temporary and limited to the actual visit; they are automatically erased after the session is over or when the browser is closed. The legal base for this data handling is provided by Act CVIII. of 2001, 13/A. § (3) (in Hungarian: 2001. CVIII. törvény (Elkertv.) 13/A. § (3)) on electronic commercial services and on certain issues of information society services.
      The objective of the data handling is to secure the appropriate functioning of the website.
    2. Cookies requiring consent: 
      Users can block this type of data handling any time prior to or during the use of the service. This data cannot be linked to the user’s ID data and cannot be given to third parties without the consent of the user.
    3. Cookies that improve user experience:
      The legal base of the data handling: consent of the user.
      The objective of the data handling: improving the efficiency of the service, improving user experience, and making website usage more comfortable.
      Time frame of data handling: 12 months.
    4. Cookies guaranteeing performance:
      Google Analytics cookies—more information:
      Google AdWords cookies—more information:
      Cookies used by Google Analytics are regulated by Google’s data protection policy—more information:
      Facebook cookies—more information: